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Every day we face different kinds of problems related to our housemates, colleagues and relatives, as well as to diseases, accidents and unpredictable losses or fatal decisions. And we are looking for an answer: “Why does it happen to me? What did I do wrong? ?”
Astrology can help to answer all these questions. Every person is totally unique. And what is good for one, doesn’t work for others. So astrology is here to show your own way of living, using your strengths and working on your weaknesses!

About me


Professional Astrologer-researcher. I graduated from the Moscow Academy of Astrology of Levin.

I spent a lot of time in India, where I was engaged in spiritual practices and researched ancient astrological knowledge.

“I appreciate to have an ability to help people to find their own path and to make their life better. Everyone can reach happiness and success, only should know his talents!”

Оксана Мякошина


  • Astrological consultation (Standart)

    • Definition of personality type
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • The best areas of realization
    • Karmic tasks
    • The causes of problems in various fields and their solutions
    60 $
  • Forecast of important events throughout the life

    • The forecast of critical points and highlights in the life of the individual (you need to know the exact time of birth)
    30 $
  • Synastric consultation

    • Determining the type of best partner
    • Compatibility analysis of 2 people (husband-wife, parent-child, colleague-boss-partner) – two charts are considered for consultation. It is enough to know the date of birth of the second person to determine its influence on you and the type of your relationship. Possible conflicts and ways to solve them are determined
    30 $
  • Forecast for the year

    • The forecast of events for the year in your life
    25 $
  • Selection of optimal date

    Selection of the most optimal date for:

    • wedding
    • real estate transactions
    • trips
    • operations
    • etc.
    20 $

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